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The beach...

*sits down at computer and starts to type*

Yah. So today we went to the beach today. That is, me and Ash and El did. We decided to wake up bright and early so we could get a good amout of hours at the beach. So I drove because, well, I have a license. But anyways. We loaded up the minivan and went off. We had a good amount of fun. I got a nice sun-tan and Ellie got some good pix. Well, I dont think Ash had a good time. She seemed to be off in the distance alot. Then it finally clicked in my head. She was thinking about Craig and all that other stuff that has gone on recently. So she kinda ruined our fun. We decided to leave the beach and go to The Dot. Spin was working, so I was happy that I got to see him. And he was able to get us some free sodas which was very sweet of him (Thx honeybee!!).

Well, thats all she wrote for now. If any of you wanna do something to night, let me know!

<3 y'all!!

Love you Spin!!

*decides the mood she is in and clicks "update journal".
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