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Got to love the day after the Semi-formal. I'm not going to bore you with the details since I see they are in everybody else's journals. But I will tell you that me and Spin had a wonderful evening together!! And the party at my house was soo much fun. Well thats all for now.

<3 Paige
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"I'm not going to bore you with the details"

thankyou :)
You're welcome I guess.
heh yourself.
heh YOURself..

and what exactly does "heh" mean?
I dont know!
well i've never seen the word used as a verb before, but hey, we could find out! ;)
Go use a dictionary!!! Or can you not use it because you cant read and dont know how to use one?
orrr none of that makes sense since "heh" isn't even a real word and all
Well now. I see that you at least know SOMETHING!
ha ha, very funny..

tell me the truth, honeybee..u don't hate me, do you? i mean, if you really hated me you'd stop replying to my posts, right? :)
It was funny.

A)Dont call me that! B)no comment C) I can reply to your COMMENTS all I want since they ARE on MY journal!
A) fine i won't, pink!
B) no comment, huh? ;)
C) heh yea and i'll make my own assumptions on why you do :)
haha whoops..
Omigosh you guys seriously chill out lol. Use your nice words! Or just stay away from each other. You guys are both VERY opinionated people. And this has potential to end badly lol.
I agree Ash. But this kid will not stop!!
Hey, Jay, chill. thank you! :)

See paige? I got your back,homey. hahahahaha
Thanks Ash! I'm glad you have my back! ;)
Homey? And you're making fun of MY ghettoness? (Or lack of?)
hahaha. quit using the computer and DRIVE!